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Meet Herbert, The Vertical Hydroponic Smart Garden That Fits On Your Kitchen Wall

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Living off grid presents more than its fair share of challenges. How will you power your home or cabin? Will you choose a tiny home or maybe something more traditional in size? What sort of system will you use for fresh water?

Of course near the top of any list, if only for survival reasons, how will you go about getting enough food? For that last one, you may have limited options depending on where you are living. You can stock up on supplies such as MREs or other similar freeze-dried fares. You can trek into town and go grocery shopping like most other people, or you can grow/raise your own food supplies to go along with anything you acquire through hunting, fishing, or trapping.

If you are going to be more self-sufficient, then the last option is what you are most likely to be doing.

Herbert hydroponic system – Ponix Systems

If you have limited space, but still want fresh produce, there are ways to go about that of course. You can build a small greenhouse or plant a more traditional garden, but if you live in an area of the world that has all four seasons, then you should consider an indoor hydroponic system, at least as a way to supplement whatever else you may grow in your garden.

If you are really limited on space, then perhaps Herbert is a good place to start. Herbert is an indoor vertical wall garden system that uses smart technology and a hydroponic growing system to allow you to grow various fruits and vegetables indoors all year round. The vertical setup allows you to place it on a wall (or several if you want higher overall yields), and it has an app that allows you to monitor and adjust the lighting and water rate from any Android or iOS device.


A single Herbert unit can hold up to 15 plants at a time and can be used to grow anything from greens for salads to strawberries. The hydroponic system means you grow without the use of soil in a nutrient-rich water solution, and the included LED lighting system can be controlled to provide the optimal lighting for plants at different stages of growth which will help you maximize your yields.

The downside though could be the price, starting out at around $400 for a single unit, which is the price for those getting in early on their Kickstarter, it won’t be a cheap way to get started, but if you need something that is bordering on foolproof, then maybe the cost won’t be an issue for you. It would also be ideal if you are living in a tiny home since it takes up so little space and doesn’t require you to have a steady outdoor area just for gardening.

Read more about Herbert on the Kickstarter page.