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New Solar Panel Can Produce Clean Drinking Water

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Water is vital to our survival, and with millions of people living in water-scarce regions, providing that water is always a challenge. In creating a new type of solar panel,  Zero Mass Water is hoping to make it less challenging by extracting and purifying water from the air.

Using solar energy to power the process that extracts water from the air and then evaporates it to purify it makes it ideal for numerous situations. The system can be used as a singular panel unit that would provide water for a family of four, or you can combine multiple units and provide water for something like a hospital.

The units can be installed at ground level which is ideal for use in villages, or it can be mounted onto rooftops to supply water to larger structures. The water can either be accessed via a faucet on the back of the unit or it can be connected to home or business water lines in the case of the roof-mounted units.

Aside from the intended use, which is to provide water to those living in arid regions or who are otherwise without access to clean drinking water, the system could be adopted and used by those living off grid.

With each unit being able to provide enough drinking water for a family of four per day, and with the option to install it as a roof mounted solar panel, they would make a great primary or backup supply of clean drinking water.