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Prefab Metal Cabins For 10k and Less Make a Great Off Grid Option

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When it comes to living off grid there are a lot of things to consider. Your choice in power, making sure you have access to water, and what type of shelter you are going to use are all things to look into before moving off grid.

When it comes to your shelter/home, there are a variety of options out there. From buying an existing cabin, home, or camp, to several prefabricated offerings, finding what is best for you can depend on any number of variables, but most importantly it can depend on your budget. There is an option that is relatively affordable and can either work as extra space if you already have an off grid home established or can be used as a cabin/home if you have land but no shelter.

Prefabricated units, like those sold by Arched Cabins, can cost under $10,000 and can be assembled by a small crew in as little as 3 days.

For an extra charge, most companies will provide a construction crew for you, or you and a few friends can do the job yourselves.

The units from Arched Cabins come in a few different sizes, from a 12×8 that is well suited for the tiny home lifestyle, to a more family-friendly 24×40 that is tall enough to include a loft or half loft as a second story.

The units can be customized and upgrades are available in insulation depending on your needs. To go off grid you just need to set up your solar panels or wind turbine (depending on your situation) and you have a fairly affordable option for an off grid cabin.