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Pig Manure Could Pave the Roads of the Future

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The world needs to find ways to transition from oil based products one way or another. Whether you care about climate change or simply live off grid to be more self-reliant, there is no denying that oil is a finite resource that is getting harder to collect.

With the advances in solar, wind, and other off grid and renewable technologies, we can see a pretty clear path away from fossil fuels when it comes to our energy production, but there are many other industries that currently rely on petroleum for their products as well.

Well, there is one possible substitute out there when it comes to using petroleum in the production of asphalt, and it also addresses what to do with the abundance of agricultural waste, specifically pig manure, that is also an issue.

Researchers have discovered that some of the oils in pig manure can be used as a petroleum substitute and when mixed with sand and rocks, it can produce strong and durable asphalt. They will be putting the product through its paces to see how it holds up to use, but if successful, it could help solve two problems at once. Pig manure is seen as more than just a nuisance for farmers and the environment as it often contaminates local groundwater or streams from runoff, so there are several projects that are looking to find ways to put it to better use.