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SHTF! If The Sh*t Hits The Fan ARE YOU READY?

SHTF! If The Sh*t Hits The Fan ARE YOU READY?

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The sh*t will hit the fan! It will happen. One day there will be something in your area, whether it’s a massive blackout, natural disaster, civil unrest, political turmoil, financial collapse, or even, war. Will you be ready when the sh*t hits the fan? Let’s call it what it is shall we? In these situations there are people who will survive, and there are those who won’t. Which group will you be in? Have you even considered it? If you haven’t, why not?


Look at hurricane Katrina, the earthquake in Haiti, the terrorist attack in Yemen, and the power outage in India a couple year back that left HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of people without power for a prolonged period of time.

Do you have what it takes to protect your family in a crisis? Have you prepared enough? How much is enough?

Think about it. We live in the REAL WORLD. There are lots of bad things out there, and YES THIS IS MEANT TO SCARE YOU! Not scare you into buying some stupid survival kit that will guarantee to turn you into a Super Rambo Survival Expert. But rather to break through the complacency most of us get trapped in while we live our daily lives in the 9-5 grind that is our world today.

There are TWO things you can do in a survival situation. Fight or Flight. Or, you could choose to stay put where you are and ride it out in a minor blackout or storm scenario. But, we’re not talking about that. We’re talking about a full blown SHTF emergency where the safety of your family and yourself is at stake.

Have you thought about an “Escape Plan”? No…? Maybe you should. Earthquakes happen all the time. As do hurricanes, tornados, and floods. They happen all the time. Turn on the news and you can’t go 30 minutes without seeing some kind of natural disaster happening somewhere in the world.

Where will you go? How about a Bug Out Location.

What’s a Bug Out Location? It’s a safe haven. A preplanned place to go that’s safe and secure for your family and friends in the event of an emergency. It’s a place that you might store  “just in case” survival supplies and equipment. It could be a stash of supplies and equipment in the middle of the woods away from the city. It could be another piece of property you own somewhere. It could even be as simple as a friends house out of town somewhere.

What will you take with you? How will you get there? Is there enough fuel in your car, truck or van? Do you have an RV? How much food and water will it take to survive more than a few days? Will you need weapons? How long until the ordeal is over? Do you have enough supplies? Do you have emergency cash stashed away somewhere just in case your cards don’t work? What about extra fuel?  Do you have a Bug Out Bag packed and ready to go at a moments notice?

There are MANY, MANY more things you should consider.

Getting away from people would probably be good and minimize the risk of injury or death. Though traveling can be risky in a civil unrest situation. Just look at the L.A. Riots or what happened to New Orleans after Katrina hit.

You should be well away from where the turmoil is, or if you can’t get away, go under lockdown and don’t come out until it’s over and safe to come out.

The point being, these are just a few of the things we all should be thinking about.

Just in case the sh*t does hit the fan.


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