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Solar Power can be used to desalinate and purify water

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One concern for many, and one that is only going to spread to more, is access to clean water for drinking and cooking.

Many of us know that the supply of clean water is in danger for a number of reasons, from pollution to drought from climate change, and even the privatization of our water supplies for corporate interests. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention, and one man in Gaza certainly is an example of that.

purify salt water

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Gaza has had its infrastructure severely damaged, especially its water supply system. Fayez al-Hindi has developed a solution to the short supply of drinkable water, at least for his family so far, by developing his own desalination unit that runs on solar power.

With sunlight being one resource that they have in abundance in Gaza, using solar power was the logical approach. His personal desalination unit can produce just under 3 gallons of clean water each day, which is enough for his family’s basic needs and he plans to help others build their own systems.

His process seems simple enough and small enough to be put to use almost anywhere where you can gather enough solar energy to run the small system. It evaporates the contaminated water, leaving behind the salt or other contaminants, and produces clean, drinkable water ready for use. This system, or similar ones, could be literal lifesavers in some cases and could easily be set up as emergency systems for any off-grid home.