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Strawberry Farmer Proves Organic is Better & Healthier

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Strawberries! Everyone loves strawberries. Right? Well, those strawberries from the store are full of pesticides and nasty chemicals used to grow more crops. Supposedly it takes 300 pounds of chemical pesticides to cover 1 acre of a strawberry farm.

I wonder where all those chemicals go. Perhaps the strawberries might soak them up, then afterward, you’re ingesting them, and worse, feeding them to your kids. It’s not just strawberries, it’s all factory-farmed produce. It’s unhealthy.


Earthjustice | YouTube


Earthjustice | YouTube

But one man decided to do something about the strawberry situation. Because of all the produce, strawberries are the most important, right? 😉 Here’s how he changed how strawberries are grown. They told him he was crazy, that it couldn’t be done. But guess what? He did it.

This is an inspirational story about what can be done when you set your mind to it and how you can make the world a better, healthier place to live.

Healthy food is a healthy life.