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Tiny House Village for the Homeless Goes Off Grid With Solar Power

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A small tiny house village for the homeless in Eugene, Oregon goes solar with portable solar systems. The Opportunity Village is a tiny house community for the homeless which helps them with life’s necessities. Shelter being the biggest. Now they also have power with solar systems provided by Sunjack.

The idea is simple. Provide a place to go, the basic necessities, and give people a chance to get back on their feet. It’s good to see people’s lives being changed for the better.



Opportunity Village



Opportunity Village

The tiny houses are tiny for sure, but it’s much better than sleeping in the elements unprotected. This is such a cute little community.


Opportunity Village

Here’s a map of the whole thing.


Opportunity Village

Operating costs for the entire village average around $1,800 per month, but the inclusion of solar panels has the potential to reduce those bills further. In addition to energy independence, these solar chargers also have the benefit of teaching residents about renewable energy. The durable and lightweight chargers can be easily moved and examined by residents, who can position the panels to their liking. The 14-Watt and 20-Watt SunJack solar chargers weigh in at just 2 pounds and 2.7 pounds, respectively, and come with either one or two 8,000mAh lithium-polymer batteries. ~ Inhabitat

Now, if we could just put these in every major city across the world we could end homelessness forever.

Imagine that.


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