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Tesla Powerpack Provides Nearly Unlimited Energy Backup

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Tesla, a leader in battery technology and innovation (among other things of course), will start seeing their Powerpack systems being put to the test in some big ways. They have signed recent contracts with SolarAfrica and Southern California Edison to provide Tesla Powerpack systems, including one that will be the largest li-ion battery project in the world at the Southern California Edison Mira Loma substation.

The Mira Loma project will utilize a 20 MW/80 MWh Powerpack system that consists of 800 individual Powerpacks, which will charge from the grid during off-peak hours and then provide power during the times it is most needed to reduce stress on the power grid.

The project with SolarAfrica will see the Powerpack used to provide energy to a luxury safari lodge. This unit will be a complete off-grid system that will eliminate the need for generators, which will make things less noisy and reduce the impact on the local environment.

Powerpack systems take advantage of the 10+ years of battery innovation and experience that Tesla provides and they can be used in a variety of ways at various scales. The batteries in a Powerpack system can either be used as a backup, powered by the grid for use in power outages, which would be ideal for a business, or they can be charged with renewable, such as solar, which would be a great addition to an off grid community.

The systems can be deployed so that they can operate as their own independent power grid, which is another benefit that could be utilized by an off grid community. As these systems become more common, and as the materials and manufacturing process become more affordable and efficient, they should become a more viable option for more and more communities and businesses.

For residential/rural off grid homesteads there is the Tesla Powerwall.