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The Ecocapsule Is Tiny, But Feature Packed!

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We’re seeing an increase in new concepts for both off grid and tiny living designs these days. Everything from small trailer based platforms to cutting edge 3D printed homes, either as pieces that you put together like a puzzle to entire homes printed as a complete unit can be found in a variety of sizes and price ranges these days.

One concept that is making the rounds at trade shows, and has been reported on since 2015, is the Ecocapsule. It is certainly on the smaller side of the designs, but it is mobile, utilizes both solar and wind power for electricity, and the latest concept even includes an incinerator toilet.

The Ecocapsule comes with a 10kw battery pack along with the wind turbine and solar powers to keep it charged and running your various devices and appliances as well as water tanks that utilize a reverse osmosis filtration system. Not bad for a space that is just under 70 square feet.

It also includes a fold-away bed, a kitchenette, built-in desk, and a water-saving shower. It is designed for 1 to 2 people and the most recent cost estimate seems to have it at around 85k. It looks a bit like an egg, and while it may be too small for a permanent off grid residence, it could be ideal for camping, festivals, or other short term shelter options.