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The Lily Pad Shipping Container House

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This beautiful, modern shipping container home is known as The Lily Pad. It sits on 13 acres of woods near Logan, Ohio, and is a prime example of the extraordinary potential of shipping containers for housing purposes. 

The Lily Pad was designed by Troy and Dianna Shurtz, owners of Creative Cabinets, Ltd in Ohio. 

Modern shipping container home

Photos: Levi Kelly

Like a few of the other homes we’ve covered, you can find this gem for rent on Airbnb. It’s a picturesque place to spend a weekend, but also a great inspiration for container home enthusiasts looking to build a sustainable home. 


Modern shipping container home

Levi Kelly

Though this home has a very small footprint, it manages to contain everything you’d need to live comfortably off grid. The Lily Pad has one bedroom, one bathroom, a kitchen, a living room, and an incredibly spacious covered patio with seating, a hot tub, a grill, and a nearby fire pit.

The kitchen has all the necessary amenities, including a fridge, sink, stove, and microwave. It also has a lot of cabinet and countertop space, along with a large window on one wall looking out to the forest.

Windows above the kitchen shelving let in plenty of natural light, which, in addition to the LEDs throughout the home, create a bright and inviting interior.

A fireplace in the cozy living room provides heat on cool days and nights. The living room also has a small table and a couch facing out the glass garage door – one of the coolest features of this home.  


Inside the Lilypad container home

Levi Kelly

The garage door offers a bright, open atmosphere in the otherwise narrow living room. When opened, it expands the living space to include the large patio area with its extra seating.  

The full-sized bathroom has a nice corner shower, toilet, and vanity. It is surprisingly roomy considering the size of the shipping container.  The bedroom at one end of the container has a floor-to-ceiling window next to the bed. This can be left open for enjoying views of the night sky, woods, and wildlife, or it can be closed for privacy.  

This fantastic covered patio with its vaulted ceiling more than doubles the living space for this house. With lots of seating, a grill, and even a hot tub, it’s the perfect place to spend summer evenings. Off to the side of the patio sits a fire pit with more seating. 


Black shipping container home

Levi Kelly

Though the home is sized to fit one or two people comfortably, the outdoor area makes it ideal for entertaining. 


Lilypad container home

Levi Kelly

The thought put into the little details in this home proves that a shipping container home does not have to be rustic. This one is far from it! Be sure to check out the Airbnb listing for the Lily Pad to see more photos or if you’re interested in visiting.  

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Photos: Levi Kelly