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15 Fabulous Living Willow Project Ideas

15 Fabulous Living Willow Project Ideas

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Living willow structures are a cheap and sustainable way to add gorgeous elements to your property. They are fun to create and are functional, providing shelter or fencing in addition to decorative aspects. Using willows to create shelters, fences, and sculptures has been popular in the UK for ages and is becoming more popular in the US. Check out these 15 amazing living willow project ideas for a look into the types of things that can be made with willow whips:

15 living willow project ideas

1. Living willow dome

Living willow gazeboThis living willow dome, made by Two Circles Design, is a mobile living structure made to be moved around to festivals and outdoor shows. This would be beautiful as an outdoor seating area and could also be used for weddings and other events.


2. Living willow tunnel

Living willow tunnelA living tunnel would be so much fun to have in a garden. It would be the perfect shady place to hang out on hot summer days, and kids would love it! This tunnel was made by Willow Culture in the UK – creators of many whimsical living willow garden enhancements.


3. Willow fence

Living willow fenceFences made of willows are extremely functional and easy to maintain. As they leaf out and create new growth, they make an excellent privacy fence. This example was made by Lakeshore Willows in Ontario.



4. Mature willow privacy fence

Willow privacy fenceHere is another example of a fence, also by Lakeshore Willows. This is a more mature fence with taller willows and more leaves. 



5. Willow arbors

Living willow arborsAmazing structures can be made out of willows, like these arbors seen on EarthPlay. These would make a beautiful and fun addition to any yard or park, requiring little maintenance once established.



6. Willow-sheltered seating area

Willow arbor with benchHere is another beautiful live willow seating area providing shade in a yard. This willow dome was made by artist Kim Creswell, who makes incredible sculptures out of willow branches. 



7. Willow fence in winter

Privacy fence made with willowsThis living fence graces a courtyard in Toronto. The willows are mature enough to provide privacy in winter, and even more in the summer when the fence fills out with green leaves. Image via Toronto Gardens.



8. Artsy willow tunnel

Willow tunnel sculptureThis beautiful living tunnel doubles as a showy piece of outdoor artwork in a community park. Image via Common Designs.



9. Willow den for kids

Living willow domeFor a fabulously fun idea for kids, check out this living willow den for kids from Raining Sparks. Forts don’t get much better than this! 



10. Willow tunnel in a garden

Willow tunnel in a gardenThis willow tunnel adds some vertical space to a garden plot and acts as a natural divider between the garden sections. Image via Woven Worlds.


11. Willow fence and tunnel

Living will tunnel and fenceHere is another amazing creation by Willow Culture in the UK – a gorgeous pathway tunnel and fence combination.



12. Living dome in a schoolyard

Living domeThis living dome, made by Creative Willow was made on school grounds, and the kids got to help build it. This is a wonderful type of project to get kids involved in the garden – and then they get to play in it and watch it grow!



13. Decorative willow fence

Decorative willow fenceGarden designer Carol Whitehead uses willows to create ornamental interest in gardens, as seen in this beautiful garden border. This fence is a good example of the versatility of willows for use in functional projects large and small. 



14. Willow houses

Living willow housesIf you want something on a larger scale, why not build houses out of willow? These living willow houses from the Natural Building Blog look like something out of a fairy tale. Could you imagine having one of these to play in as a kid? Awesome!



15. Willow archway

Willow archwayFinally, here is one more creation from Willow Culture. Willows are the perfect plant to shape as an archway over a garden gate.

These projects show the incredible versatility of willows. If your growing conditions are right, willows can provide beautiful, green structures on your property that last for years!t


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Living willow project ideas

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