15 Fabulous Living Willow Project Ideas


Making living, “green” structures out of willows is a cheap and sustainable way to add gorgeous elements to your property.  They are fun to create and they are functional – providing shelter or fencing in addition to decorative aspects.  Using willows to create structures, fences, and sculptures has been popular in the UK for ages, and is becoming more popular in the US.

Check out these 15 amazing living willow project ideas for a look into the types of things that can be made with willow whips.

living-willow1This living willow dome, made by Two Circles Design, is a mobile living structures made to be moved around to festivals and outdoor shows.  This would be a beautiful as an outdoor seating area and could also be used for weddings and other events.



living-willow2A living tunnel would be so much fun to have in a garden.  This example is by Willow Culture – creators of many whimsical living willow garden enhancements.



living-willow3 Fences made of willows are extremely functional and easy to maintain.  As they leaf out and create new growth, they make an excellent privacy fence.  This example is by Lakeshore Willows.



living-willow5Here is another example of a fence by Lakeshore Willows, as the leaves start to fill out and the willows grow taller.



living-willow4Amazing structures can be made out of willows, like these arbors seen on EarthPlay.  These would make a beautiful and fun addition to any yard.

living-willow6Here is another beautiful live willow seating area, providing shade in a yard.  This willow dome was made by artist Kim Creswell.



living-willow7This living fence graces a courtyard in Toronto.  In the summertime, the fence will fill out with green leaves. Image via Toronto Gardens.



living-willow8This beautiful living tunnel doubles as a showy piece of outdoor artwork.  Image via Common Designs.



living-willow9For a fabulously fun idea for kids, check out this living willow dome from Raining Sparks.  Full instructions on how to make one can be found here.



living-willow10 This willow tunnel adds some vertical space to a garden and acts as a natural divider.  Image via Woven Worlds.