This Thin Flexible Material Turns Any Surface Into a Solar Panel

This flexible material turns any surface into a solar panel. It’s not often (ok it’s becoming more common) that a cool piece of technology comes out. You hear the words “game changer” thrown around so much you’ve become numb to it. However, this new solar technology promises great potential.


This technology uses a material called perovskites. ‘Perovskites are great absorbers of light’ according to Saule Technologies, the creators of the material. According to their site, the perovskites are more efficient at absorbing light than silicon based photovoltaics.

New Solar Technology Turns Any Surface Into Solar PanelThis flexible material turns any surface into a solar panel

Posted by NowThis Future on Saturday, March 26, 2016

Prototyp elastycznego modułu na bazie perowskitów Prototyp modułu na bazie perowskitów

If this material can be added to make any surface a solar panel, then there is unlimited potential here for energy generation from any device or structure. Even our clothes. Imagine wearing clothes that charge your smartphone or your laptop. Or coating your new Tesla 3 electric car in this material and charging on the go! The potential here is great for massive application throughout our infrastructure. Imagine every surface covered in this material, constantly generating electricity.

This could change the solar industry forever.