Enchanted Forest Treehouse: Would You Live Here?

Fantasy Forest Treehouse

Gorgeously rustic and excitingly wonder-filled treehouse is like something out of a fairy tale. The question is would you live here? ­čśë This treehouse is in the Enchanted Forest created by┬áDoris and Earnest Needham, in┬áRevelstoke, BC┬áCanada. It’s a kind of fairy tale land in real life.

The idea of living in a treehouse is exciting. I think most of us as kids, built one or two in our time, and fantasized about living in one when we grew up. Then as we grew older it seemed real-life creeped in and our dreams kind of went by the wayside. We gave up on fantasy, and settled for practical suburban life, which in all reality isn’t very practical at all. Is it?

Is a treehouse practical, and would you live here?

Fantasy Forest Treehouse

enchanted forest tree house2


enchanted forest tree house



Images: http://www.enchantedforestbc.com/photos-and-videos/photo-galleries