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Unique & Modern 160 Square Foot Shipping Container Home

Unique & Modern 160 Square Foot Shipping Container Home

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This unique take on a tiny shipping container home was built by Hartman Kable in Seattle, inspired by a New York architect.

Built from a 20-foot by 8-foot container, the home is only a total of 160 square feet and exceptionally modern and minimalistic. It would be perfectly suited as a beachside home, a weekend getaway in the woods, or as a permanent residence. 

Modern shipping container home

With some creative design work and storage options, this container home has everything one might need for comfortable living. It houses a kitchen, plenty of storage space, seating areas, a bed, and a water closet bathroom with shower, sink, and toilet.

Minimalist container home

Kable decided to design the container home as “raw” as possible, doing very little to the exterior and leaving the interior super simple and open. All of the furniture – the shelves, table, bed, and seating benches – are built into the wall and can all be folded up when not in use.

Modern container home

While the white materials inside the home appear new and pristine, Kable says most everything in the house was built using recycled materials. There are no windows on the sides, but each end has full glass doors (remnants that used to be installed in a mall) that let in plenty of light. Those, combined with the white interior, make the space surprisingly bright and open.

A spacious raised deck sits outside the “bedroom” end of the home. This adds an outdoor living space that can be used as a patio garden, gathering place for friends, or simply a relaxing place to enjoy a nice summer evening. 

Shipping container home bedroom

When Kable is away, the ends of the container can be closed over the windows to securely close up the home. This provides optimal security, both from intruders and from hazardous weather.  

Minimalist container home

See the video below for a tour of Hartman Kable’s home. It is a gorgeous example of how well-utilized space can make living in a tiny home very comfortable.


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Modern shipping container home

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