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13 Year Old Creates Tesla Energy Harvesting Device For $14

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An amazing energy harvester created by 13-year-old Max Loughan for $14. It pulls electricity from the air!

This small $14 unit is made from a coffee can, copper wire, pipe, and a spoon. It can power a string of led lights. The device is based on Tesla’s radio wave energy collector which basically converts radio waves into usable electrical energy.

Imagine if you scaled this up, you could essentially power your off grid cabin, your home, your neighborhood, or perhaps the entire world! Yes, it’s possible. Radio waves, WiFi, static electricity, negative and positive energy is in the air all around us. This machine merely harvests and converts that energy into electricity.  It literally pulls electricity from the air!


The idea of harvesting electricity from the air is not new. Nikola Tesla had the idea over 100 years ago.

Here is Max’s Youtube channel and videos which show him building the energy harvest machine.

This kid is an inspiration and the machine is real.

The technology works.