6 Reasons Why We ALL Want To Live Off The Grid

off grid living

Millions of people all around the world want to go OFF GRID. Though most don’t call it that. It’s sustainable living, self-sufficiency, renewable energy, and green living. These are catch phrases in modern society, but developing countries call it LIVING.

off grid living

Point being is that there are many reason why someone would want to live off the grid. Here are some of the most popular.

Living Off The Grid Is About Freedom

This is perhaps the number one reason why most people want to move into the off grid lifestyle. It’s about living free, without being bound to society’s idea of what is normal. Without being constrained by the ideologies of others. Without having to keep up with the Jones’. Sure it’s about disconnecting from the electrical grid, but it goes much deeper than that. It’s ultimately about our freedom.


Living Off The Grid Is About Self Sufficiency

Being self sufficient means you provide for yourself and your family without having to get the majority of your resources from retail outlets and big box stores who are only in business to turn a profit for their shareholders. Living a self sufficient lifestyle means working hard and creating your own resources from what you have available.


Living Off Grid Is About Living Smarter

We must question the logic of dependence on other for our family’s well-being. It’s not smart to put all our eggs in one basket. Isn’t that how the saying goes? Wall Street investors do it every day. They diversify their investment portfolio to hedge their bets against financial loss or collapse. So why would we do any different when providing for our families? It’s just smart to live off grid in the case of a financial collapse, or worsening recession, it’s prudent to hedge your bets by being prepared.




  1. I have been off the grid since 1986 when we moved into an old bus on our land in New South Wales Australia. We started with 4 solar panels which gave us lights and a radio. We went solar at the time because going on the grid was so expensive and also because we wanted the freedom. I love it! Since then we have upgraded our system and built a house with all the mod cons. Just recently a power company guy showed up at my doorstep asking me where my meter box was and it was such a pleasure to tell him I didn’t have one because I am solar powered. Go Solar!