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E-cigarettes are a luxury item that allows you to taste a variety of flavors. They are not only a tasty alternative to cigarettes or heated cigarettes, or even for those who have never smoked before. However, do you think that using e-cigarettes is a little difficult? In this article, we will introduce you to the basic ways of smoking e-cigarettes: MTL and DL.
Basic vape usage you need to know before you start smoking
The basic way to use an e-cigarette is as simple as pressing the power switch and inhaling. The e-cigarette is only heating the liquid while you hold down the power button, and releasing your hand turns the power off. There are a variety of models with different designs, but most are basically the same because of their simple structure. Some models do not have a power button and automatically turn on when the cigarette is held in the mouth, allowing it to be heated only during inhalation.
However, some people may feel that the heating does not keep up with the strong inhalation of a conventional cigarette, and that the response to the inhale is insufficient. E-cigarettes are made by electrically heating liquid to produce vapor. If you feel that you are not getting enough response or flavor, try changing the speed of your inhale. There are times when you inhale too hard and the heating does not seem to be keeping up. It may be difficult to get used to it at first, but try different ways of inhaling to find the one that suits you best.
How to smoke
1) What is MTL?
There are two types of ways to smoke an electronic cigarette. First, we will introduce the method of smoking called "MTL.
MTL stands for "Mouth To Lung Vaping" which directly translates to "mouth to lung. As the term implies, the first step is to smoke through the mouth, and the second step is to smoke into the lungs. The image is similar to using a straw to inhale a drink in a glass. When you drink a drink through a straw, you suck up the drink with the straw and let the drink accumulate in your mouth to some extent before swallowing it all at once. In other words, you inhale the vapor from the mouth of the e-cigarette, let it accumulate in your mouth to some extent, and then inhale it all the way to your lungs at once. If you have been smoking paper cigarettes or heated cigarettes, you have been smoking MTL. Therefore, you can assume that this is the same way of inhaling as before.
When you smoke an e-cigarette in MTL, you will inhale the liquid once it has accumulated in your mouth, so you will be able to fully experience the taste and aroma of the liquid itself. Another advantage is that you will inhale a small amount of liquid slowly, so you will consume less liquid. The device will not overheat, so the body will not get too hot. This is also the perfect way to use nicotine-containing liquids and other liquids that may irritate the throat. Since the MTL smoking method can reduce throat irritation, users of nicotine-containing liquids and e-cigarette beginners should try using a lower wattage and higher resistance setting.
However, since MTL is not a smoking method that directly enters the lungs, it may not be enough for those who want to inhale the smoke robustly. If you want to enjoy the type of e-cigarette that produces a lot of vapor, which is called "smoke explosion," the other smoking method, DL, may be suitable for you. 3.
2) What is DL?
The other type of e-cigarette smoking method is called "DL". Since the method of smoking is different from MTL, even the taste and texture of the liquid is different.
DL stands for "Direct Lung," which directly translates to "directly into the lungs. As the word suggests, DL is inhaled directly into the lungs and is not stored in the mouth as is the case with MTL. The image would be similar to the sensation of air accidentally entering the lungs from a balloon when the balloon was being inflated. It is also similar to the way you breathe in when you take a deep breath. In a DL, the vapor from the e-cigarette is inhaled all the way to the lungs at once, so the inhale is stronger than in an MTL. If you feel that e-cigarettes are not satisfying enough, try DL.
The best way to enjoy DL is to use an explosive type of e-cigarette. Set the wattage higher and increase the amount of vapor. Since it produces more vapor than a standard e-cigarette, it is more irritating to the throat. Therefore, if you are going to use a nicotine-containing liquid, start with a low nicotine concentration. If you start with too high a nicotine concentration, you may damage your throat, so a good rule of thumb is about 3 mg.
If you want to make an explosive DL, you will need to shorten the draw so that it does not get too hot because of the higher wattage. However, to enjoy the smoke explosion, it is necessary to have some knowledge about e-cigarettes. If this is difficult for you because you are a novice e-cigarette smoker, try to find a starter kit for smoking bombs. Compared to MTL, DL is better suited for smokers who want to enjoy the pleasure of smoking rather than smoking for relaxation.
Which is better? ##
We have introduced the basic smoking methods of e-cigarettes, MTL and DL, but it does not mean that one smoking method is superior to the other. It is important to know what kind of smoking method is available and which one is best suited for you.
If you are a beginner to vape pods, starting with the DL way of smoking may feel a little too tight. Therefore, you can start with MTL first and switch to DL after you get used to it. If you have always smoked paper cigarettes, MTL will be easier to smoke without resistance because it is more familiar to you. Of course, if you have never smoked before, there is no problem with the "fukashi" method, in which the vapor is exhaled directly from the mouth without inhaling it into the lungs. What is most important is how to enjoy the e-cigarette most enjoyably if you smoke it.
You also need to consider TPO to some extent. Since the DL is designed for smoke explosions, it produces a lot of vapor. Some people may feel uncomfortable if you produce a lot of vapor in a place where there are no smokers around or at work. Please consider such methods as switching to a smoke bomb to relieve stress and enjoy it when you get home.
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