Hinged Hoop House Raised Bed Garden

hoop house raised garden

If you are trying to grow a garden in a colder climate, a hoop house is one way to give plants an early start when temperatures are still cool and to extend the growing season into the fall.  A hoop house is simply a greenhouse constructed of a series of hoops that are covered in plastic.

hoop house raised garden Christopher Brandsdal lives in Norway where the nights are too cold for some plants to survive.  He built a hoop house on hinges that is attached to a large raised bed garden to keep his peppers and other cold-sensitive plants thriving.  He opens the cover during the day while the sun is shining and closes it at night to keep the plants warm.

This project is a brilliant way for any gardener to combine the benefits of hoop house growing ang raised bed gardening. This is a simple, inexpensive design that would make a great weekend project.  See the videos to see the building process.

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