How to Make a Long-Lasting Emergency Candle With Crisco

crisco candle

Most people know to keep candles and flashlights in their home emergency kits in case of power outages, but how about a tub of Crisco?  A very simple and very long-lasting emergency candle can be made with nothing more than shortening and a wick.  Great Northern Prepper shows how to do this the easiest way possible, simply by inserting a prepared candle wick (found at most craft stores) straight into a tub of Crisco.  A candle made this way will burn longer than almost any store-bought wax candle.



There are many other materials found around the home that will work well in a pinch, such as string or rolled up pieces of paper, if you don’t have candle wicks on hand.

If the idea of burning the Crisco in its original cardboard tub doesn’t appeal to you, Great Cove Media shows how to make a Crisco candle in a glass jar with rolled up newspaper for the wick.  This is probably a safer option, and you could make several small candles like this using one container of shortening.


Needless to say, a flaming tub of lard creates a safety hazard, so be sure to monitor the candle while it’s burning and keep kids and pets away.