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“Infinite Light” – Unlimited Solar Powered Light in a Bottle!

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Every now and then a product comes along that is truly innovative and helps to clean up our planet. The “Infinite Light” is one of those products. It’s basically a small portable self contained light source that is designed to fit inside a standard PET water bottle.

The flexible solar panels inside collect energy from the sunlight during the day, and store it in the battery pack for later use at night.

infinite light

“This simple solution provides light basically with flexible solar panel and the batteries which are placed in PET bottles.” – Designnobis

“…The solar panel sits inside the bottle and collects sunlight during the day, and at night, the lantern switches over to battery power when the solar energy has been enhausted. A simple frame holds everything together, and includes a handle at the top that allows the lantern to be held and carried around, or strung up from a ceiling or an outdoor post…” SOURCE: ScienceAlert

The “Infinite Light” is designed to fit inside a PET water bottle, collect sunlight during the day, and store the energy in self contained batteries within the unit.

infinite light2

Infinite Light – Designnobis


This is a great design and something with many practical uses from camping, to disaster relief, to helping provide an inexpensive light source for refugees, off gridders, and outdoor enthusiasts worldwide.


via: DesignNobis