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Get Outside, Get Dirty, Get Off Grid & Stay Healthy

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People are dying because we’re creating Superbugs. Your immune system is weak compared to some nasty little viruses and bacteria out there.

Superbugs are BORG-like bacteria and viruses that are becoming increasingly resistant to antibiotics, cleaning supplies used to clean our homes, and ourselves. Over the past few decades antibiotics (and cleaning supplies) have gotten stronger and stronger to combat the bacteria and viruses which infect us and cause us to become ill.

E Coli [Photo]

As such, these bacteria and viruses have matched our attempts to control them, are mutating, becoming resistant, and some are even winning the battle. Hence the term “Superbug“.

Our obsession with cleanliness and sterile environments has given rise to the use of chemicals and drugs that are designed to kill bacteria. But, a dangerous side effect of this oversterilization campaign has made the bacteria STRONGER in the process. Bacteria are lifeforms, and like any other life form on earth, they adapt and mutate based on their environment. They have adapted to the very medicines and chemicals we use to kill them.

If we continue to use medicines and cleaning supplies to obsessively sterilize our homes and ourselves from bacteria, we are inadvertently making these bacteria stronger and more immune to the chemicals and medicines we use to kill them in the first place. This is effectively INCREASING OUR DANGER OF INFECTION! (not to mention allergies and adverse reactions from the chemicals)

We’re digging our own grave and we are just now realizing it.


Instead of trying our best to clean things, and sterilizing everything we touch before we touch it, maybe we should simply STOP BEING WIMPS and get out there, get down and dirty and play in the dirt again!

George Carlin had it right! Watch the video below!
(WARNING: Explicit language. In other words if you can’t deal with profanity, don’t watch it!)

Perhaps we should all:

  1. GET OUTSIDE MORE! Work, run, play, exercise. Just get outside.

  2. PLAY (and work) IN THE DIRT MORE! Your body will naturally build up an immunity to more bacteria, and people who work outside, tend to be more healthy than folks who live sedentary lifestyles.

  3. GROW YOUR OWN FOOD. Number ONE reason to grow your own food is you will know where your food comes from. You won’t be eating foods that are contaminated with pesticides and harmful poisonous chemicals, and you can play in the dirt more!

  4. STOP USING HOUSEHOLD DISINFECTANTS! It kills bacteria and viruses yes, but it’s also making them more immune. Besides that, the chemicals which kill the bacteria ARE POISONOUS TO US TOO!

  5. STOP USING HAND SANITIZER! Just wash your hands with soap and water. Preferably homemade soap that you grew your own ingredients for. There are plenty of homemade natural herbal and holistic soaps which will also kill harmful bacteria, and aren’t as harsh on you either.

  6. STOP OVER-CLEANING EVERYTHING! What’s the deal? Just clean it, and stop trying to sterilize everything!


    (they are breeding grounds for bacteria and superbugs)

  9. EAT FOODS THAT BOOST YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM! Many foods that are high in Vitamin C are good immune boosters.


  11. GET DIRTY!



We all do truly need to get outside more!

When I was growing up we weren’t afraid to get dirty. We played all day, and worked, OUTSIDE. We dug in the dirt, got dirty, and rarely got sick. If we did, it didn’t last long, and we were back outside again in no time.

It’s stupid how we live our lives now. Living in little cubicles, working in little cubicles, exercising indoors, sterilizing everything we touch.

We should get back to our roots, and go back to how we used to live and STOP BEING AFRAID of getting sick. I’m not saying we should “go primitive”. On the contrary, we can live off grid and still have high technology.

We simply need to change to fix what’s broken.

Get outside more, get dirty, and get off grid!


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“…CDC sets threat levels for drug-resistant ‘superbugs – (CNN) — Health officials have been warning us about antibiotic overuse and drug-resistant “superbugs” for a long time. But today the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is sounding the alarm in a new way. For the first time, the CDC is categorizing drug-resistant superbugs by threat level. That’s because, in their conservative estimates, more than 2 million people get antibiotic-resistant infections each year, and at least 23,000 die because current drugs no longer stop their infections. Antibiotics are designed to kill bacteria that cause infection. However, in the process they can also kill so-called good bacteria (the human body hosts about 100 trillion)…” SOURCE: CNN

Disinfectants could give rise to antibiotic-resistant superbugs – “…provided more evidence that using common disinfectants could promote the growth of antibiotic-resistant superbugs…” SOURCE: CNN

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