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How To Build A Greenhouse For $7

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$7 for a greenhouse might sound like a dream, but it’s not. Oh, actually, it kind of is a dream now, isn’t it?

The beauty of this system is its price. The key is to repurpose used materials to not only get your costs as low as possible but to utilize materials that might otherwise end up in the dump.

This particular greenhouse was built from reclaimed pallets and a few inexpensive materials that can be purchased at your local hardware store. This project was undertaken by Andy at The Green Lever, a site that focuses on just that – reusing materials as part of a sustainable lifestyle. 

We’ve written a separate article about another of Andy’s creations – a beautiful greenhouse made with old windows and pallets. We get a lot of doubters on some of these dirt cheap (pun intended) greenhouse builds, which is why we keep finding and sharing them.

With very little money and a bit of creativity, anyone could have a nice little greenhouse in their yard or even on a balcony. It’s one step toward a more sustainable food system while ridding the planet of some would-be trash at the same time. Every little bit helps! 

7 dollar greenhouse

The 7 dollar greenhouse from The Green Lever

If you really want a greenhouse, this proves there is no need for huge budgets or overly complex systems. This just works. What a great little greenhouse! Let it be a stepping stone toward a bigger and better build in the future. 

Browse through some of the projects at The Green Lever, and you’ll see what else is possible with a little creativity. The site is chock full of DIY projects, from renewable energy ideas to chicken houses. We highly recommend taking a look!   

“Anybody with the ability to assemble flat pack furniture can get to grips with this design in its cheapest form.”

Now, go build a greenhouse!




Friday 13th of December 2013

I love this idea!!! but I have a question and it might be a stupid question...doesn't the ground freeze in the winter? or does the sun heat it up enough to keep the ground thawed even in the winter?

How To Build A Greenhouse For $7 | Other Such Luck?

Friday 13th of December 2013

[…] via How To Build A Greenhouse For $7. […]