tiny cottage finland

Tiny Cottage In Finland Is An Ecological Urban Retreat

In Finland, it is typical to find camping areas within cities so locals can spend time in nature without venturing far from home. I...
instant pot venison

Delicious Pressure Cooked (Instant Pot) Venison

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luxury container home

Luxury Container Home For Under $35k

Shipping container homes have seen a huge surge in popularity in recent years. Subsequently, we notice many new, talented designers and builders creating stunning...
alaskan mountain treehouse

Stunning Treehouse Sits Nestled In Alaskan Wilderness

What could possibly be more dreamy than a gorgeous treehouse nestled in the Alaskan wilderness? Not much, right? This beautiful treehouse, built by Nelson...

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tiny house ark shelter

Ark Shelter Tiny Home Provides Luxury Off Grid Living

Simple elegance is the standard that a group of architecture students held themselves to when designing the Ark Shelter, a stunning minimalist tiny home. ...

Seriously Off Grid on a Shoestring: Couple Lives Off Grid on Their Own Terms

Years ago I was a prepper too. I had bought in into one particular scenario and all these variables were supposedly coming to a...

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