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Would You Live in a Tiny House?

Would You Live in a Tiny House?

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Would you live in a tiny house? This is a question people ask themselves all the time. Tiny houses are basically miniature portable and transportable homes on wheels. Now, to be classified as a tiny house one’s house need not be on wheels. But typically most tiny houses on wheels are around 200 square feet plus or minus a loft or other livable space.

Tiny House Mini Motives


Tiny houses come in all shapes and sizes, and they don’t have to be affixed to a trailer, but normally are.

Google defines a tiny house as:

tiny house

 The tiny house is defined as a living space under 400 square feet. A small house is under 1000 square feet.


Living in a tiny space has it’s pros and cons. Like if you have children it’s going to probably be difficult to live in close quarters with more than 2-3 people. A composting toilet could also pose an issue, but I think most people can get beyond the yuck-factor.

Most tiny houses are portable and transportable, which means you can move them anywhere you want. It’s easier to move, and your options of location open up in a way not possible with a mobile home or traditional suburban house.

The financial benefit probably outweighs all other benefits. The first tiny house pictured in this article was built for just over $11k. Tiny houses typically range in price from as low as $5k if you build yourself, or up to nearly $70k for manufactured models which are ready to go like Tumbleweed Houses.

I already know I personally wouldn’t mind living in a tiny house. The question is…

Would you live in a tiny house?


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