“That’s it! We’re going Off The Grid!”

Little Caesar's Off The Grid

Little Caesars Pizza Goes Off The Grid w Hilarious New Commercial

I love it! Little Caesar’s Pizza is going off the grid. Hilarious new commercial just released by Little Caesar’s Pizza takes a humorous poke at living of the grid and it’s growing popularity. Dressed in traditional urban garb is a typical suburban family sitting on the couch discussing what’s for dinner, complaining about typically annoying first world problems and hassle of ordering pizza online, giving out passwords, and credit card number. Fed up with “the system” the father screams “That’s it! We’re going off the grid!”

Little Caesar's Off The Grid

The next scene shows the whole family now sitting in a rustic cabin, snowy winter outside, with elk wandering around. The family now disheveled and unkempt, long scraggly hair, the wife now having bad teeth and the father sporting a scruffy beard, and the kids showing their complete and utter distaste for their new lifestyle.

The wife turns to the husband and says:

“We could have just picked up a HOT-N-READY pizza at Little Caesar’s.”

The father apparently realizing his mistake, slams down his whittling stick and says:

“That’s it! We’re going baaaaaack on the grid!” 

You know that off grid is now mainstream when Little Caesar’s pokes a little humorous fun at your lifestyle.

We have arrived. 😉